Why Pamisva?

Our vision : American Designed. Sustainable Sunglasses. 
Our mission: Introduce the modern consumer to the makers who take pride in their stunning creations.

Adding to the current state of the environment negatively is just not fashionable. We understand at Pamisva that to truly be in providing eco-friendly goods, we must go deeper than just the materials we use for our products. We also must change how we engage with how our materials are made and how the people who create our products are treated. Pamisva believes in making it easier for local brands to reach a bigger market of people who want sustainable luxury.

You are unique, so is your style. You want to buy from a brand that tries to hold specific values when it comes to manufacturing and selling high-quality goods for a price that reflects the quality. It’s also important for you to not create a huge dent in your wallet when buying certain items that you may not need but want. It’s not always fun to have expensive tastes but you should be able to afford quality products that are sourced sustainably.

When you’re looking for luxury that also includes eco-friendly and handcrafted materials at an affordable price, there are only so many places you can go.
Pamisva has made it our promise as a brand to connect customers with crafters who put a great deal of energy into their handiwork. We’re gearing up to get you the coolest decorative pieces around. Stay tuned! Please visit our catalog and sign up for our Newsletter for the latest and greatest deals.
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We can't wait to sell globally but as of now due to logistical reasons we are only selling within the United States.

For all inquiries other inquires contact us at info@pamisva.com

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